Fabian Matthias Osborne

I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2013 with a degree in 3-d design, where I specialised in ceramics, specifically surface pattern and glazing. When I moved back to Huddersfield I started working for West Yorkshire Print Workshop in 2014 where I was introduced to the world of print and began experimenting with lino-etching in my ‘night owl’ print sessions with fellow printmaker Jenny Thomas. Through these nightly sessions, I discovered similarities between my approaches to printmaking and ceramics.

I now have a dedicated studio at West Yorkshire Print Workshop.


My work

I have always been fascinated by the forms and hidden patterns found within the landscape, both natural and manmade. The idea of shapes and surfaces constantly changing has led to my interest in weathering and erosion. The discovery of lino etching has helped me replicate this natural process by distressing the surface of the lino.

Photography influences much of my decision making about the marks and patterns I create on my blocks. My latest explorations relate to my recent visits to Anglesey and Scotland, recording stone erosion by the sea.